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Selection and Support of Accounting Software

Thank you for visiting this site, here at Workflow we have the experience to assist small business owners select new accounting software and fine tune existing systems. We help meet the challenge of ever changing business requirements for small business software. Please select the page tab that corresponds with your area of interest.

Software Selection

Most business owners are not experienced in the selection of new systems because it is an irregular undertaking. An overview demonstration or even a trial of software does not give a true indication of suitability and can even be misleading. There can be hundreds of procedures to evaluate as well as both expected and unplanned data volumes to consider. The experience of your regular accountant may be limited to a narrow view of their essential financial reports, rather than the actual business process.

The principal of Workflow Accounts has extensive experience over the years with many of the popular software packages. Reqular comparisons of the merits of popular offerings keep our advice valid.

Our Services and Methodology;

  • An initial discussion without cost to ensure we can assist
  • A visit or email to confirm needs with a Requirements Checklist
  • We provide you a written report with the recommended software
  • We also provide a report of the popular software competitive features
  • NOTE This service is chargeable, we do not expect a sales commission

Costs to the average small business would be $250 for the complete service. For larger or more complex sites an estimate would be made on the initial visit.

Software we have Road Tested included in the Comparison

  • MYOB (most versions)
  • QuickBooks (NZ Version)
  • Xero
  • MoneyWorks

Advantages to you - the client

Accounting Software can have complicated 'under the bonnet' architecture. For example some brands have great functionality but cannot cope with many transactions without being cripplingly slow. Others may too complex and require too much training for a business that only needs a simple system.

We see many companies either spending both the purchase price (the cheapest cost) and their time, replacing unsuitable software. This results in both a unnecessary cost and also diminished opportunity because owners and management are distracted from growing their business. The selection process is considerably shortened using a unbiased external consultant.  

Contact us for the selection of the best accounting software for your business
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